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Bomb Prank funny Arab: Muslim bomb prank.

these Days islamophobia is spreading everywhere in the world and people thing everyone with turban is a terrorist. here in this video a man goes near people and speaks some arabic words and puts his bag next to them and runs away.people get scared of him because of his clothing and language and judge him as a terrorist and run away as they are scared as hell.
though this video is about islamophobia but its also funny.

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20 thoughts on “Bomb Prank funny Arab: Muslim bomb prank.

  1. Sidahmed Amrouche says:

    As a muslim, I actually enjoyed it but is isn't a bit crazy? xD

  2. MysterioBerlin says:

    f*ck them all to death

  3. Moe abu wishah says:

    this video is hilarious….i am an arab and a muslim too, we don't this though, this is not what the truth about us. but nice video.

  4. Wassef Hmadi says:

    He didn't spoke any arabic word so please stope making people thinks that muslims are terroristes islam is the number one religion that states on difference we can live together even if you are not sahring the same religion No matter what race or religion, if you drop a bagpack or case in front of me and run, im hauling ass too the true terrorism is Zionists isreal and america the masonic country they create ISIS

  5. Constance Kendall says:

    please someone catch the prankster and videographer and beat them to death, or pretend your going to do it, so they get a taste of own medicine

  6. Peter Djakson says:

    i'm muslim too . I laughed so hard .

  7. 99Boiko says:

    Firstly he is saying nothing in Arabic, just mumbling stereotypical sounds, secondly, why should HE be running away? Surely the typecast is that he should be inconspicuous and aim to take himself out within the same operation.

  8. Pejuang Keadilan says:

    Clear he is not arabian and speaks false arabic, you insult the arabs

  9. SamScareCrow says:

    I hope he tries that prank on someone with a gun and gets his head blown off.

  10. Genes Eh says:

    only the man with the hat is funny bahahaha he doesnt even get what's going on 😂😂

  11. ZX Klimov says:


  12. Gabriel de Oliveira Almeida (Zaramoth) says:

    Mata a dilma…

  13. Hessa Alnuaimi says:

    Haallama hallalah mahal muta jumaaa!!! * Runs for life *

  14. shera islamadina says:

    who is the prankster?

  15. Danzy Gaming says:

    This shit is NOT funny anymore, fuck off and kill yourself. Now that I'll laugh at.

  16. RevoOn says:

    At least the old dude is not that stupid.

  17. Ayaan Dirie says:

    This is the reason why Muslims are despised, we're supposed to be good to show off the beauty of our religion. What has the world come to? It's no wonder many fear and hate us.

  18. Nizandra Paula says:

    Mata dilma!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  19. krazieboi96 says:

    So you really mean to tell me that you wouldn't be afraid if some Muslim person dressed in all arabic clothes walked up to you speaking only in their language, drops their bag and runs? That isn't Islamaphobia, that's common sense.

  20. Adit chauhan says:

    damn he ran along with him

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