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evian baby&me

Dancing with my baby-me. evian Live young.
Music: Here comes the Hotstepper – Evian remix by Yuksek
Download on iTunes: http://bit.ly/BabynMe
Agency: BETC
Directors: We are From LA
Production team: Iconoclast & Mikros
Video Rating: / 5


20 thoughts on “evian baby&me

  1. Isabel Gomez says:

    I like this one

  2. motaz Mohamed says:

    what is the name of this song

  3. Алишер Мейрам says:

    как песня называется?

  4. Janeah Smith says:


  5. Asian Piano Fan says:

    how could these babies danced? animation?

  6. John Pratt says:


  7. Elman Ebulfezov says:

    ay cok guzel

  8. WolfySnackrib666 says:

    Hey, racist! Why do the African Americans only dance with the African American babies?!

  9. Абильмансур Абубакиров says:


  10. Абильмансур Абубакиров says:


  11. latoya boykin says:

    too adorable

  12. Alex Sanchez says:

    is. great

  13. Chic Francisco says:

    I will not tire watching this! So cute! :-)

  14. Aryan and Ari says:


  15. Aryan and Ari says:

    Any way they are cute

  16. Aryan and Ari says:


  17. altafzr18 s says:

    what's d name of music

  18. Lena Lolo says:


  19. Bente Wiggers says:


  20. ThyBountyHunter says:

    Nice commercial, but still a contributor to wasting resources. Hate the product now just as much as I did prior.

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