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PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders, Price And Everything in India

PS5 India pre-orders start on January 12. Sony is yet to confirm how many PS5s will be available in India at launch. According to IGN, PS5 India units may be around 12,000 to 15,000 at launch across India. In comparison, PS4 in 2014 launched with 4,500 units, and got sold out in two weeks.

The hype around PS5 in India is a lot higher in 2021, and the given size of units are expected to go nil in a week or so. Here’s everything you need to know PS5 India launch.

PS5 India Release Date: The PS5 India release date has been finalised for February 2.

PS5 Availability: PS5 will be available via both online and offline retailers across the country.

PS5 India Pre-Orders: PS5 India pre-orders start at 12pm from January 12.

PS5 Price In India: PS5 India price is set at Rs 49,990 for the disc variant and Rs 39,990 for the digital model.

Where To Buy PS5 In India?

The official PlayStation 5 in India will be available multiple across platforms in the country:

Games The Shop

Amazon India


Vijay Sales


Reliance Digital


PS5 India Warranty

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