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Raju Srivastav’s Comedy On Breaking News – India TV

Raju Srivastav's Comedy On Breaking News - India TV

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Masti, Sri Adhikari Brother’s long due Music Channel finally launched on Tuesday. Apart from the music, Masti will showcase stand-up acts and gags by noted comedians such as Raju Srivastav, Sunil Pal, Shailesh Lodha, and Suresh Menon.

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20 thoughts on “Raju Srivastav’s Comedy On Breaking News – India TV

  1. Qurban Ali says:


  2. Sanjay Kumar says:

    He is ridiculous incredible comedian

  3. Naseer Farook says:

    my favorite comedian i love raju shrivastav love you

  4. Anwar Ahmed says:
  5. The House of Jokes says:

    Your video is totally great. I will let my subscribers know about you and ask them to subscribe to you.

  6. Sanjiv Dutta says:

    Disgusting & of bad taste. Why he had to ridicule gender minorities? Gay means sex maniac?? Never expected this from Raju. Raju was my most favourite but after this tasteless act, he won't be. Mr. Raju, why you had to ridicule some already minority community to make humour? Where is your awareness about the current world? See, being an artist is not easy. In addition to being talented, one must be progressive, aware, unbiased – well, earning some money or cheap applause is another thing. With his phenomenal popularity, he should be more cautious & critical. More condemnable is the act of the TV anchor. Was she totally mindless??

  7. ahmed ahad says:

    Lol…. raju

  8. Farooq shadab md says:

    Excellent just awesome 

  9. govind singh says:


  10. Divess Sniper says:

    that smiley was so irritating
    fuck u 

  11. Mughal Epaire says:


  12. Mujeeb. Khan says:
  13. vasanth kumar says:

    India's best channel

  14. Anirban Barman says:

    Raju Srivastav's Comedy On Breaking News – India …: http://youtu.be/laMRLP5vl5s

  15. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Raju srivastav is best….

  16. SIDDIQUI MAJID says:

    Raju dont have right to say anything about 

  17. Umeshpuri Goswami says:

    Raju Srivastav Comedy Breaking News – India TV: https://youtu.be/laMRLP5vl5s

  18. AKASH SINGH says:

    yeh 227 log unlike karne wale jarur mulayam aur mayawati ke chele honge


    Good comedy….

  20. Vishal Shukla says:

    He is best

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