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Wiping Sh*t On People Prank! Part 2 – Bathroom Pranks Gone Wrong

The Original Prankster of the Famous Epic Wiping Sh*t On People Prank! The Bathroom Pranks Gone Wrong Series IS BACK!

This is the second installment of the Wiping Poop On People videos, I never thought it would blow up as much as it did. All it took was a little bit of Nutella wiping in a bathroom to start a viral trend. So you guy’s asked for it, and I brought it, this is Wiping Sh*t On People Prank! PART 2!

*IMPORTANT TO WATCH FROM PART 1, Go In Chronological Order:*
“Wiping Sh*t On People Prank! Original” (Part 1) Here:

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20 thoughts on “Wiping Sh*t On People Prank! Part 2 – Bathroom Pranks Gone Wrong

  1. Isabella Hair says:

    Funny as fuck and cute too call me

  2. 1000Subsribers NoVideo! says:

    You better lick this shit off!!! xD

  3. Skylar says:

    White guys don't get violent
    Black guys get violent

  4. Nazareth Sanchez says:


  5. Zach Geiger says:

    "I touched my dick with it"xD

  6. kk truth says:

    dude with grey shoes was high

  7. Heather Covers says:

    white people be saying nigga
    like no wait for me to give you the permission ticket you cracker .

  8. Ranthael says:

    Didn't like you put it on people who weren't finished, but people are idiots. The first thing you do is smell it to make sure it really is shit…

  9. Isayah Lawrence says:

    How much do you need dude xD

  10. TeGoFunny says:

    "I touched my dick with it"
    "You better lick this shit of" XD IM DYING

  11. Dark Western says:

    I would have fireman kicked the door down and murdered him without question.

  12. Emily Torres says:

    that dude needs to chill

  13. Bradley W says:

    Bro, make videos more often, I love this shit

  14. Adrian Wirbel says:

    mega geil

  15. Sir Ulrich says:

    bu zenciler komik konuşuyor :D

  16. soso says:

    Haha u put shit on my hand

  17. Rainbow Dash says:

    at 1:33 did he say I'm touchin my dick with it XD

  18. Cristian Orihuela says:


  19. Uncle Ruckus says:

    Cant those idiots tell by the smell its nutella?

  20. Carlos Martinez says:

    Of course the black people get mad

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